Workshop in Lutsk

06/10/2021 – 09/10/2021 Workshop in Lutsk “Innovation and industry for security: Visegrad Group experience” (Ukraine, Lutsk)

The workshop aims to improve the interaction between the university and the city authorities by joining forces and adopting European best practices. Involving experts from partner countries will help to better understand the cooperation between the city government and the university community in the field of innovation, new technologies, commercialization of scientific products. The adopted experience will allow to create a qualitatively new format of cooperation and to involve all parties of the project in mutual work on city development. An important aspect of the workshop is also the section on the implementation of elements of a smart city and a smart region. The experience of the European partner cities and the relative similarity with the city of Lutsk will allow to better understand the functioning of cities, interaction with citizens, business, government, scientists, etc. Ultimately, it is planned to develop and adopt a qualitatively new document, which will aim to reveal the potential of cooperation between university communities and the city authorities and thus reveal the potential of urban development. Each expert will conduct 4 hours of classes – two hours of presentations and two hours of consultations and discussions with Ukrainian project participants.